Product Line


We specialize our main Product Line in producing Full Grain Leather. And we focus our product segment in the Fashion Leather Category for the Footwear, Garment and Leather Goods Industry.

Using only quality raw materials from local and abroad, we have been producing Cow, Buffalo, Goat and Sheep skins. We produce Wet-Blue, Drum Dyed Crust Leather or Finished Leather.

• Wet-Blue
Primarily Cow hides from Indonesia (Jawa), USA, Brazil and Australia. Shoe-Uppers and Garment Material. Available in different grades and other specifications.

• Drum Dyed Crust Leather
Mainly Cow, Buffalo, Goat and Sheep. With diverse Tanning, Colors and Selections available upon request.

• Finished Leather
Available in Cow, Buffalo, Goat and Sheep. Various articles are available for Shoes and Garment materials. Full Grain Aniline, Nubuck, Nappa, Natural Milled, Embossed, Perforated, Corrected Grain, Box, Patent, Oil-Pull Up, Crackery, Crazy Horse and many more. Articles are made per customer specifications.

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